Thursday, 9 November 2017

why lohri 2018 celebrate


Lohri 2018

Lohri is one of famous festival amongst its followers residing in northern regions of India will be celebrated on Sunday, 13 January 2018. According to Hindu Calendar Lohri comes a day before 'Makar Sakranti'. This festival expressed with lots of respect and love among people. Lohri celebrated in North India, especially in Punjab. Folk songs and dances arranged to promoting its significance in the other parts of India.
The actual celebration of this festival commences during the night. Delicious foods like popcorn, peanut are shared in the holy fire, symbolizing that all is being presented to God of Agni(fire) so that evil comes to end and a period of new blissful life starts.

Key Features of Lori : Bonfire, Folk songs, delicious foods like popcorn and Children are given sweets.
Where is Lohhri Celebration happens : The most famous festival Lori is celebrated all over India, majorly in North India day before Makar Sakranti every year.
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