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Happy Lohri 2018 Messages Lohri Messages & Pictures Free 2018


Happy Lohri 2018 Messages – 55+ Lohri Messages & Pictures Free 2018: 

are you looking for Lohri Messages 2018 & Lohri Messages with Images then you are at the right place, the time of enjoyment with big smile with friends come here when we are going to celebrate this lohri celebration and if you would like to wish for the happy lohri to your friends and relatives then must send lohri 2018 Messages to them for wishing happy lohri.

Lohri 2018 is a popular winter time Punjabi folk festival, celebrated primarily by Sikhs and Hindus from the Punjab region of Indian subcontinent. The significance and legends about the Lohri festival are many and these link the festival to the Punjab region.

Lohri Images
Happy Lohri Images
Happy Lohri Wallpaper
Lohri Pics
Happy Lohri Pics
Lohri Wallpapers
Lohri Pictures

Lohri Messages With Pictures Free 2017
Lohri Messages with Pictures: we also giving you Happy Lohri Messages with Pictures which you can download from your desktop laptop & smart phones or easily you can send to anyone for wishing a very happy lohri 2017.

Happy Lohri Messages

Lohri Messages: this is a time when you have to rebuilt your relation with your love ones who care to you from the heart by sending lohri messages, like if you send best messages about lohri festival to your friends then they feel good or also they wish to you in reply, so stay with each other happy or celebrate this loveable lohri festival and if you don’t have idea what to send then must checkout below the line all Best Happy LohriMessages.

May this lohri make you bigger,
May this lohri make you happy,
May this lohri make you wealthy,
This is my pray for you,
Happy lohri 2017.....

No tear,No fear khao Mungfle
Aur foole
aap ko 4 din phele lohri ke bale bale

Having a best day with you,
Is best time for me,
And stay always happy,
Including family member,
Happy lohri from my side....

Happy Lohri Messages For Friends And Relatives

Lohri Messages for Friends and Relatives: below the line we gathered some popular messages about happy lohri from the internet for your friends & frelatives, so check them and if you like any one out of them then must pick that one or send to him for wishing happy lohri.

Bol tenu Lohri...
Te ki Uphar Deya..
Dosti Chahidi ja jaan vaar Deya..
Scooter, Moped,
Ya Faraari Car Deya,
Bus ine nal hi sar jau ja 2-3
Gappan hor mar deya...

Is se pahle k lohri ki sham ho jaye,
Mera sms auron ki tarha aam ho jaye,
aur Sare mobile network jam ho jaye,
Apko lohri ki shubh kamnayen ...

Happy Lohri Messages In Hindi & Punjabi

Lohri Messages in Hindi Punjabi: below the line you will get our best messages about lohri in Hindi and Punjabi for free, so check them.

Popcorn ki khushbu, Mungfali ki bahar,
lohari ka teohar aane ko Tayar..
Thodi si masti, Thodasa pyar,
ek din pehle o mere yaar,
mubarak ho aapko lohri ka teohar

Hum aap ke dil me rehte hai,
isliye har gum sehte hai,
koi hum se pehle na keh de aap ko,
isliye 1 din pehle hi aap ko
” HAPPY LORRY “Kehte hai!

I hope friends you all like this article on Happy Lohri Messages – 55+ Lohri Messages & Pictures Free 2018
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